About Me

Hi I'm Kristin the Copywriter

Before I started my own marketing and copywriting business, I fell into marketing completely by accident. I was an administrative assistant and the company I was working for asked me to start and run their social media accounts. So I did, but here’s the funny thing, I got hooked on all things marketing. Suddenly I was devouring classes, testing out new techniques, and learning about all the different facets of marketing I could. I couldn’t get enough, and honestly, I still can’t! And I was getting results soon that company’s, followers tripled, open rates on emails were up, and leads were coming in automatically, I had found my calling!


Soon, I realized that I had 3 true loves in the marketing world:


Copywriting – Words are powerful and great copy makes a huge difference in marketing returns

Sales Funnels- Every business can benefit from an amazing sales funnel when set up correctly it works like magic

Linkedin bio makeovers – Once I learned how to write an amazing bio I got so many leads from Linkedin


Why does this matter to you? Because, it means that I have the skills that can take your business to the next level, whether that means more sales, more followers, or more leads, or all three, who doesn’t want all three?


Other specialties include: sales pages, email marketing campaigns, Facebook and Instagram ads, web copy, content strategies, watching netflix, and hanging out with my french bulldog/ boston terrier mix Penny.


So if you feel like your business’s messaging and marketing could use an upgrade, please feel free to reach out to me via my contact form  or e-mail, kristin@kristincaridi.com